MUNSTER CHEESE / Smažený sýr

We will work with you to create a menu based on your ideas and budget. Tábor will deliver the Czech-Austro-Hungarian culinary experience like no other. 

Keep in mind that some dates and times are more popular than others, so planning ahead is always a good idea.

Minimum order $85    

Order at least 24hrs ahead of delivery

We will deliver anywhere in Portland metro area or even further … fee $30 …

or you pick up at our location,

SE 72nd & Foster Rd.

Our phone  503-997-5467  taborczechfood@gmail.com



Cold Smoked Pork Belly, w/stone ground mustard on Rye bread

$72 (per dozen)

Open-faced sandwiches “Chlebičkyw/potato salad & cured meats           

$72 (per dozen)

Open-faced sandwiches “ChlebičkyVeggie option: w/potato salad, cheese, garlic, egg, peppers, parsley & pickled goods

$66 (per dozen)

Schnitzel Bites w/pickle and horseradish on rye bread

$48 (per dozen)

Schnitzel Bites & Devils Eggs  w/rye bread, horseradish & our raw fermented Kombucha hot sauce

Roasted potato bites w/roasted garlic, chives, scallions, herbs & spices

$33 (per dozen)

Ham roll with horseradish mousse “Křenová rolka”                                   

$36 (per dozen)

Smoked Sausage and sauerkraut bites w/stone ground mustard

$36 (per dozen)

Roasted beets & goat cheese Crostini                                                          

$42 (per dozen)

CZECH SOUPS 6x12oz   $42

Hungarian Mushroom soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Village Style Sauerkraut ”Zelňačka”

Vegetarian Sauerkraut Soup

Bohemian Goulash soup, “Gulášová polévka”

Spinach soup

Lentil soup

Borscht soup

Traditional Potato soup,Bramboračka


The Original Schnitzelwich for 6

Breaded Pork loin or Chicken Breast in Ciabatta roll with red pepper spread, caramelized onions, Romaine lettuce and horseradish


Our Famous Schnitzelwich

Schnitzels -1/3 pound Pork loin or Chicken Breast Řízky”

for 6

Breaded & pan fried to crispy perfection


1/3 pound Muenster Cheese  “Smažený sýr” for 6 

Breaded & pan fried slab of Muenster cheese, Lettuce, Czech style Tartar sauce & Ciabatta Roll.


Munster Cheese Sandwich / Smažený sýr

Bohemian Goulash “Vepřový guláš” 

for 6 (6x12oz)

Pork Sirloin stew served w/traditional dumplings, Spaetzle or Rye bread


Szekely Goulas, “Segedýn for 6 (6x12oz)

Made with pork sirloin, sauerkraut, spices & cream, served w/traditional dumplings, Spaetzle or Rye bread


Szekely Gulash / Tábor's Segedínský Guláš

Chicken PaprikashSlepice na paprice” for 6 (6x12oz) 

Tender boneless/skinless chicken thighs in creamy Hungarian paprika sauce & cream, served w/Czech dumplings or our potato Spaetzle


Potato Spaetzle Feast, Halušky” for 6 (6x16oz)

Hand made Potato Spaetzles tossed with German Smoked sausage, our Red & White sauerkraut, caramelized onions & garlic, spices, topped with sour cream


Halušky / Potato Spaetzels

Vegetarian Potato Spaetzle Meal, Halušky” for 6 (6x16oz) 

Hand made Potato Spaetzles tossed with our Red & White sauerkraut,caramelized onions & garlic, parsley, topped with sour cream


Pork Roast, Sauerkraut & Dumplings, Vepřo knedlo zelo” for 6

Succulent Pork Roast served w/traditional dumplings, Sauerkraut & wild mushroom gravy

National dish of the Czech Republic!


Pork Roast with Dumplings and Cabbage
Pork Roast

Beef Sirloin Sauce & Traditional Dumplings, “Svíčková na Smetaně”

for 6 

Roasted Beef sirloin with creamy sauce made from root vegetables, Juniper berries, allspice and bay leaf. Topped w/Cranberry sauce. 


3 Whole Czech dumplings, “Knedlíky”

Traditional dumplings are staples in the cuisines of Central and Eastern Europe. Made out of flour, milk, eggs, fresh yeast & boiled in water to pillowy perfection. Each dumpling makes 12 slices, serves 3-4 people.



Apple Strudel Medium 16 inch / 8 slices …. $35

Apple Strudel Large 24 inch / 12 slices ….  $45                           


 Strawberry Sheet Cake Medium, (Bublanina) 20 slices… $35

Strawberry Sheet Cake Large, (Bublanina) 30 slices …….. $45

Our “Stinging Kombucha” hot sauce, (probiotic, raw fermented)


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Order by phone: 503-997-5467 or email Taborczechfood@gmail.com


Order at least 24 hrs. ahead of delivery  Minimum order  $85

We will deliver anywhere in Portland metro area or even further … fee $30 …

or you pick up at our location, SE 72nd & Foster Rd.



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