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a seasoned, breaded pork loin or chicken breast in a Ciabatta roll with lettuce, paprika spread, sautéed onion and horseradish


Like the Original Schnitzelwich, with slab of melted Munster cheese


The Kingwich

Beef tenderloin/Filet mignon arugula sandwich in a Ciabatta roll, caramelized onions & mustard seed Aioli


Schnitzel & Czech Traditional Potato Salad

Plate w/Schnitzel, Summer Potato Salad & Pickle


P. R. S. / Pork Roast Sandwich
Pork toast tender bits of marinated pork roast on grilled seeded bread w/ arugula & horseradish & stone ground mustard Pork or Chicken


Breaded pork loin or chicken breast on a bed of lettuce with lemon pepper dressing


Breaded & panfried Muenster cheese in Ciabatta roll with lettuce and Czech style tartar sauce


Bohemian Goulash
(Pravý Český Guláš)

served with traditional dumplings, Ciabatta roll or spaetzels (halusky) if available



Czech village style potato pancake (10 inch wide) potato pancakes panfried in olive oil 


German Smoked Sausage*
(Uzený párek)

served with with Czech dumplings and sauerkraut & side of mustard


roasted, breaded & pan fried eggplant on a Ciabatta roll w/paprika spread, fresh parsley, lettuce & horse radish


Pork Loin Schnitzel

(Řízek) Marinated Pork loin pan-fried to perfection

Dumplings 12 slices (serves 4 people) 

Schnitzel or sausage also available with potato salad and a pickle.

  • ~ Specialties ~

    Enjoy meals that convey the essence of Czech Cuisine…



    Gulash Soup (Gulášovka)

    Wild Mushroom Potato Soup (Bramboračka)
    Spinach Soup with croutons (špenátová polévka)
    Lentil Soup (čočkovka)
    Borscht with sour cream
    Gazpacho – Spanish tomato-based cold Soup

    8 oz cup – 
    16 oz bowl – 

    Herb marinated pork loin or chicken breast seared cutlet in a Ciabatta roll with lettuce, paprika spread, parsley, sautéed onion and horseradish


    Szekely Goulash

    pork sirloin stew made w/Hungarian paprika, spices and blended w/cream & sauerkraut


    Pork Roast

    served with Czech dumplings sauerkraut & gravy


    Chicken Paprikash
    (Slepice na paprice)

    Chicken thighs in creamy Hungarian paprika sauce served with Czech dumplings


    Garlic Chicken
    (Kuře na česneku)

    Chicken thighs in creamy caramelized garlic sauce served with Czech dumplings



    Herb spaetzles with sauerkraut & Polish kielbasa caramelized onions/garlic & other secrets topped w/sour cream


    Czech Rouladen
    (španelské ptáčky)

    Braised sirloin steak rolls, seasoned w/Dijon mustard, stuffed w/sausage, onion, pickle wedges and served w/Czech dumplings topped w/beef gravy


    • Fruit Dumplings
      (Ovocné knedlíky)

      Seasonal fruit served with topping of sweet cottage cheese

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